Why have only ONE pouch, when you can have up to SIX? Such a great concept. Now available, a 6-up Liquid Spout Pouch. And, the best part is each pouch can easily be separated by a quick-tear perforation. An innovative product that helps out the environment by getting rid of all that excessive secondary packaging. No Cardboard Sleeves, No Shrink Wraps, No Labels. 100% Recyclable is available.



Reduce Plastic Overwraps

Reduce plastic overwraps by only using them when “necessary” (as defined by the developed guideline)

This Golden Design Rule applies to the following categories: 

Food: confectionery, crisps and snacks, canned and tinned food, beverages.

Non-food: home care, personal care, baby careNon-care

By removing unnecessary overwraps, companies reduce the demand for virgin plastic and reduce the absolute amount of , plastic being placed on to the market.

Quick-tear perforation makes it easy to separate 4 OZ to 750 ML Available 2,3,4,5,6. Up Options 100% Recyclable options Ideal for juices and RTD's Like protein and Alcohol Beverages High Speed Filling options available.
2 Up Cubi-Pak

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