TORONTO – OCTOBER 01, 2019 — Chamber Pouch Inc. is pleased to announce that Fit Foods Ltd, a leading Canadian-based nutritional supplement company has released its first supplement using Dual Chamber Pouch packaging. Fit Foods has created a two-flavor version of their popular Mutant nutritional supplement.

Chamber Pouch, the patented Dual Chamber Stand-Up Pouch, enables food brands to create new product pairings, combinations, and innovations in many categories.

Fit Foods Ltd. Jim McMahon, owner of Fit Foods Ltd stated “This has a trail-blazing effort. The result is a new and unique product – and also the first-ever product of its kind. Our Chamber Pouch based Mutant combines our TWO most popular powders in a single product. The added consumer convenience puts two of our proteins into a single product. We see Chamber Pouch as a gamechanger.”

The new products using Dual Chamber Pouch packaging will be filled in Fit Food’s 250,000 square ft. facility in western Canada and ship globally.

“During our two-year Chamber Pouch R&D process, Fit Foods has proven to be a great and supportive partner, seeking to be one of the first companies to bring a Chamber Pouch-based product to market,” said Jeff Herrington, CEO of Chamber Pouch Inc.

Two Pouches in One
On the shelf, Chamber Pouch presents as a single, high-visibility / high-value package. Once home, the consumer, with the flick of a wrist, easily separates it into two, individual stand-up pouches, with separate closures and structures. Dry foods, liquid, powders or frozen; whatever can go in a pouch, can be put in a chamber pouch.

About Chamber Pouch, Inc.
Chamber Pouch Inc. is a Canadian corporation. Founded by Jeff Herrington and his partners, the company is focused on packaging innovation and concept development. More information on Chamber Pouch, including sampling, production partners, and more, can be found at

About Fit Foods, Ltd.
Fit Foods is a growing company that manufactures and distributes a wide range of healthy lifestyle and sports supplement products to over 70 countries. Fit Foods distributes different brands into many channels worldwide including health stores, natural grocers, gyms, sports stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, mass, convenience and internationally works with many distributors. Fit Foods boasts its NHP site licensed manufacturing facility and holds a CFIA site manufacturing license for export.


Jim McMahon / Fit Foods