Commonly asked Chamber Pouch questions. If you have a question not listed, or need additional information, call our offices or use the convenient form below.

Chamber Pouch is available NOW. We have certified several converters to produce Chamber Pouch under license. Currently we have production sources in the US and Canada, with Europe, and multiple countries in Asia, including Japan being added. For more information, contact our offices.

Currently we have production sources in the US and Canada, with Europe, and multiple countries in Asia, including Japan being added. We will certifying additional converters during 2019 in all regions. For more information, contact our offices.

Call us. We will be happy to get you all the information you need and can also connect you with pouch producers as well as contract packaging firms setup to produce products in Chamber Pouch today.

YES! We are actively seeking and working with qualified contract packagers that wish to become Chamber Pouch certified. Contact our offices for full information, including equipment conversions, timing, etc.

We are continuing to add converters. Our current converters can produce Chamber Pouch in volumes from small-batch sampling to national product launch scale. Contact us for additional information.

Protected by multiple patents, only certified converters can produce Chamber Pouch. Converters interested in our Chamber Pouch partners program should contact our offices for full information and details. We are actively seeking qualified converters in multiple geographies.

The patented Chamber Pouch is a specially engineered stand-up pouch that can be filled on many existing horizontal fill/seal stand-up pouch machines. Machines require a one-time conversion process. Machines converted to run Chamber Pouch can still run standard pouches. There is no speed penalty for either the Chamber Pouch or standard pouches once the machine is converted. The capability to use existing assets makes Chamber Pouch an ideal new format that delivers significant value with minimum investment.

Converting an existing horizontal machine to run Chamber Pouch is a straightforward onetime conversion. A converted line can still run standard pouches with no speed penalty. We work with a network of engineering firms that can perform this conversion or provide specifications for companies to use their own engineers. Contact us for more information on conversion.

Chamber Pouch is produced under license by authorized converters. Genuine Chamber Pouches contain the Chamber Pouch logo. Converters seeking to produce Chamber Pouch should contact us directly for information on our certification process and licensing information.

Yes. Chamber Pouch is protected by multiple design and utility patents worldwide. Chamber Pouch is produced by licensed converters worldwide. Those seeking to produce Chamber Pouch should contact our company for more information.

No. There is normally no speed penalty for running Chamber Pouch. Most horizontal fill machines can be easily modified to fill Chamber Pouch. A converted machine will still run traditional pouches with no loss of speed. When running Chamber Pouch, the machine will continue to produce the same number of fills per minute. This lossless performance on most equipment makes Chamber Pouch an ideal new flexible packaging format.

Chamber Pouch can be produced using any film or materials combination used to produce a standard stand-up pouch. Companies creating pouches based on sustainable materials will find equal to greater sustainability with Chamber Pouch.

Chamber Pouch adds only a few percentage points to the cost of two normal pouches. This low cost, combined with the no-loss, high-speed filling ability, makes Chamber Pouch a highly competitive and innovative new product solution.