Check out our “Mock” in-house brand Arri Sports that we use to show off our capabilities and different techniques. We are able to create a unique look for our custom labels by taking advantage of holographics and laying on a complex white plate to let the shine pop through, while still hiding in other areas. We add a matte laminate with spot gloss varnishes on top creating a contrast that allows the graphics to stand out even more. With our last trick, we have embossed the Arri Sports logo and Pure Whey Protein text to give the words a lift which effortlessly creates an almost 3D effect. With the light bouncing off the holographic rounded embossed edges, it really makes the label come together and glow!

Contact Arranti today to request a sample label to be sent to you. See in person the quality and effects on our sample label. We can even incorporate your artwork in mock custom labels with our state-of-the-art equipment so you can have a look at your finished custom label before it even hits the press.

With our decades of experience & knowledge, let us help you create a standout label!

If you’d like to find out more about our production process and design philosophy, check out our blogs for a holistic look at what we do.