Arranti will be highlighting 3 Exclusive offerings. Our “Patented” stand up Dual Chamber Pouch, the Beyond Spout liquid pouch, and the all exciting Cubi Pak.

Where: At Packaging Innovations… the UK’s leading event driving innovation and business in primary and secondary packaging.

When: February 15-16, 2023.

The event connects brands across the FMCG world with hundreds of suppliers and creating the perfect sourcing platform. Provided are unrivalled network capabilities and learning opportunities for the whole community.

Teams of packaging technologists as well as marketers, R&D and NPD specialists will be there.  Plus, designers from both big and small brand owners attend Packaging Innovations to create the future of their brands. Why not join them?


ARRANTI’s “Patented” Dual Chamber Pouch

Tailored Designs

Dry, liquid or mixed chambers. The strength and integrity of the Dual Chamber Pouch® makes it ideal for a broad range of dry and liquid products. Any fitment on a single pouch can be accommodated in the Dual Chamber Pouch® design (Two to four chambers). Dual Chamber Pouch® can be designed and configured for two or more individual chambers. Each with full structural integrity and the ability to separate into fully independent gusseted stand-up pouches. Any flexible material can be used to create Dual Chamber Pouch® .

Large or bulky products. We’ve tested our Dual Chamber Pouch® on high-capacity, oversized and overweight packages. Handles, custom closures, are all possible. Food and non-food, including bulky fills such as pet treats can easily be accommodated. If you can put it in a pouch, you can put twice as much in a Dual Chamber Pouch®.

Easy Perf Technology

Our easy perforation design enables consumers to transform a Dual Chamber Pouch® into two, fully independent SURPs with full gussets, zippers or fitments. The consumer value and appeal of this cannot be overstated.

The easy perforation design also serves as a separation chamber to prevent cross-contamination in the filling process.

The Dual Chamber Pouch® easy perforation is adjusted to the commercialization requirements of each project. It has passed filling, shipping and shelf-stocking integrity tests. All chambers remain integral, until only such time as they are intentionally separated by the end user.

Recyclable Options

Polyethylene (PE) Recyclable films.

Recyclable films are made from 100% Polyethylene (PE) and are compliant with the How2Recycle® Drop-off program. High-barrier film options are available to protect your product, while protecting our environment.


ARRANTI’s Beyond Spout … the first and only Spout Pouch without a Spout.

Revolutionary Benefits of the Beyond Spout Pouch:

Introducing a new flexible valve technology providing controlled dispensing and spill-proof containment of liquids in flexible packaging. It’s a discrete flexible valve that yields when pressure is applied to the product compartment enabling controlled dispensing. When squeeze-pressure is released, the valve reoccupies and closes the dispensing channel. Check out The Beyond Spout !

• Consumer valued, brand differentiating innovation

• Controlled dispensing & convenient one-handed functionality

• E-commerce and Eco-friendly package solution

• Production-efficient in-line application


Shampoo & Conditioner • Lotions & Gels • Soap & Body Wash • Hand Sanitizer

• Household Cleaners • Detergents • Liquid Refills • And Many More!

A New Flexible Valve Technology for Liquids



ARRANTI’s Cubi Pak

Why have only 1 when you can have up to 6.  And yes… Is now available in a 6-up liquid spout pouch.

Lets help the environment and get rid of all that secondary packaging.

No Cardboard Sleeves, No Shrink Wrap, No labels.  And yes…It’s also available in 100% Recyclable.