Ink-stained hands. The Visionary Behind Arranti's Packaging Revolution

From humble beginnings as a printing apprentice in his father’s studio, Jeffrey Herrington embarked on a transformative journey that led to the establishment of Arranti. Under his leadership, the company has set industry benchmarks with its unique, sustainable, and high-quality packaging innovations, redefining standards for craftsmanship and environmental responsibility.

With a legacy rooted in traditional printing methods, Herrington’s vision for Arranti was to transcend these boundaries. Today, the company stands testament to his unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability. Its patented designs like the Dual Chamber Pouch, Minime, Cubi-Pak, and the Beyond Spout sustainable packaging have earned accolades, including the prestigious 2020 PAC Award Nomination.

Additionally, Arranti’s strategic design process focuses on storytelling, ensuring products are not only functional but resonate with consumers. This dedication to exceptional design, paired with top-tier customer service, has solidified their reputation in the packaging industry.

Operating from its headquarters in Toronto, with extensions in Dubai and Verano Brianza, Arranti’s global footprint caters to diverse business needs. Since 2006, they’ve built lasting partnerships, underscoring their ethos of mutual growth and innovation.

Explore the future of sustainable packaging with Arranti, and discover why they remain a beacon of excellence in the industry.

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What our customers say...

We have worked with Jeff and his team since 2006. Their attention to detail and creative ideas have always been beneficial to my business. Customer service is top-notch!

Terry Frendo, IFM

Arranti is by far the best quality and fastest, most responsive, resourceful Packaging Supplier, I've ever worked with. With over five years of doing business together, we continue to keep helping each other grow!

Mickey O’Marra, CCO G-Fuel

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