Staying ahead of the curve? It’s what we do best!

We haven’t always been a leader in the packaging industry, just as no one has. It begins with a concept, requires smart choices, plus taking risks and ends with putting our clients first, so they may become leaders themselves. We will always aim to craft the next best solution. That’s our guarantee to you.

True to color

You’ve strategized, debated back and forth and determined the best of the best colors to represent your brand and the products it offers. One poor color choice can make all the difference. Brand recognition is not to be considered lightly, just as your customers’ devotion to your brand. We know how frustrating it can be when packaging solutions do not match what you have envisioned, and how a one off-brand piece can ruin an entire display.

We control every part of the printing process to deliver exceptional custom packaging quality and ensure every element, hue, value and chroma is accurate to perfection in its application.

Paired with our experience and passion for what we do, your brand will never be misrepresented. We will remain true to color, true to brand and true to your success.

custom packaging

True to style

You’ve heard us say it once and we will say it again – what you envision, we create…no exceptions.

You’ve crafted your brand, spent countless hours perfecting your products, and now it’s time to share with audiences who will appreciate what you’ve worked so hard to create. Evolving digital print capabilities provide the opportunity to tell your story, if executed correctly… every single time.

They say that you cannot have style and substance at the same instance – we know this to be false because bringing the two together is what we do best. We only work with top resources and materials, because that’s our style. Our mission, which we’ve accepted with pride is to stay true to your style by staying true to ours. ​

custom packaging

True to form

Early on, we chose to step to the side and do things a little differently. It’s been our best decision, yet.

Form is movement, style and color all rolled into one. It is integral to how a product is seen, utilized and experienced. When form fails, so does the customer connection and sadly, trust in your brand altogether.

High-end custom packaging, once thought improbable, is now developed at rapid speeds to stimulate a host of emotions. Smaller runs offer a more competitive price point and products such as shrink sleeves or labels have greater versatility than ever before. But, in one fell swoop – a lack of form that impacts a user’s overall experience, can destroy it all.

We offer unique packaging solutions, we know this full well; but we have developed and crafted strategies that remain true. And stay true to form, always.

custom packaging

True to expectation

You’ve met our team, shared your vision and laid your story out on the table. We’ve stepped back, established a strategy unique to you and now the next step can begin. The presses are hot, the materials are in place and your colors, style and form have all been carefully selected.

We’ve positioned ourselves to be able to develop packaging that exceeds all expectations, every time. Before we head over to the presses, we ensure you are confident in your design choices and the mock-ups we have provided. Our process, while unique to us, is one that we welcome you to be a part of.

Our expectation for ourselves is to stay true to yours.

custom packaging

What our customers say...

The bags arrived today and are GORGEOUS! Thanks so much – can’t wait to get them filled and on the shelf.

Jillian Mariani, Founder & GM of Niyama Yoga Wellness

I have been working along side Jeff and Arranti on SR&ED applications for the past couple of years. Jeff is reputable, and a pleasure to work with. The team's desire at Arranti to create and make possible, new solutions is very admirable. Their Chamber Pouch technology is a revolutionary strive in packaging. We, at Bond Consulting, are happy to be a part of this exciting journey.

Julie Bond, Bond Consulting Group